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Vision Builders is a U.S. based organization that carefully selects partners from around the world who are native to and living in their regions, and who have already started small humanitarian projects in the fields of health care, children’s education and job training for women. We work with these proven leaders to plan and fund next step expansion of their efforts to better meet the overwhelming needs of extremely impoverished communities.

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Projects We Support: Kutumb

“Kutumb” is the Hindi word for family.

Kutumb was started in Varanasi in 2002 to attend to slum children and children abandoned at the railway station by giving them a sense of family and belonging. The Kutumb Shelter is home to 26 children rescued from the streets and railways platforms. Another 90 children receive primary education at “Kutumb Baalwadi” and 48 more attend public schools.

Kutumb also provides vocational training and adult literacy to around 70 women in the community.

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Happening NOW

‘Kutumb’ Means Family, Every Family Needs a Home

Kutumb new building

Thanks to Dr. Ashish and his families tireless efforts, and the support of generous donors like you, the Kutumb project is expanding to include a new home for the orphaned children as well as a space where other Kutumb projects such as medical outreach and women’s empowerment classes can take place.

Just 15 kilometers from the original Kutumb shelter building is a 2.5 acre plot of grassy, tree-lined land where the new construction has been completed.  This new location will secure the future success of Kutumb. Easily accessible by a paved road, the land is located in a peaceful, historic village called Rameshwaram. “There are already some trees of mango and Guava!”, Dr. Ashish enthusiastically says of the new property.

Keeping the children happy and healthy in the original small concrete building, with no ventilation and only dim lighting, has been challenging. The original Kutumb shelter space offers no truly safe area where children can play or be outdoors.  Most of the children who come to Kutumb have never seen an open expanse of land that is not covered with burning piles of trash. The children are very excited about having access to a more enriching, natural environment.

Now that the new Kutumb location is completed, there is also more space available in the original Kutumb Shelter building to support the growing community needs. Through proven dedication and effort by Dr. Ashish , his wife Puja, and their growing corp of volunteers and employees (mostly ‘graduates’ of Kutumb’s own programs), the Kutumb Project’s mission is being actualized.

Funding to help sustain the Kutumb programs and services are always needed and welcomed.  Help us raise these funds!
A gift of any size helps.


Your generous donations BEAT THE BALL DROP for Kutumb!  Total raised:  $26825.00, and every cent will go directly to the Kutumb programs which directly impact the lives of children!  We are excited for all that will be possible in the coming year, thanks to your support!


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